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Tashkent – a bridge between Europe and East. Local culture as oriental silk carpet associated  variegated silk threads with spellbinding waves. Various ethnic groups, religion and ways of life create an inexpressible and unique atmosphere. Here peacefully coexist mosques, churches, synagogues, kirches.

Tall minarets and mausoleums, medieval madrasas, Nikolaevsk’s bulidings harmoniously exist side by side next to the modern skyscrapers and business centers. The Heart of Tashkent is a colorful, vocal bazars. Here, Bazaars are the crossroad of world and culture, fragrant “ nans” (local bread), sweet smell of melon and watermelons, wonderful smells of spices, fresh natural vegetables and fruits. You will start feeling that you are in oriental fairy tale.  

Besides, in Bazaars you can find jewelries and painted children's cradle-Beshik, golden embroidery, locally made dower chests that decorated with ornaments made of metal, embroidered “Suzane” and quilted men’s “chapans” and carpets.

The real gourmets know that the masterpieces of national cuisine must be tried in their homeland.  Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the Uzbek pilaf, shish kebabs,somsa,  shurpa and many other national dishes.
Tashkent is the city with full of events.  In the capital there are many theaters, conservatories, museums, exhibitions and concert halls, stadiums, swimming pools, cafes, restaurants and nightclubs.
For children there are many modern parks, a zoo.

Sunny capital of Tashkent, not only because there 300 days of the year is  sunshine, but also it is a welcoming city that at any time of the year will meet and will welcome guests from all over the world! And the memories of it will warm your heart for long time. You will gradually discover this vast and mysterious Unknown East.

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